Iceball mould
 FRP mould (energy-saving)
 Aeronautics & Astronautics
    Body panels for cars
    Lighting Systems
    Interior parts
    Exterior parts
 Railway traffic
    Train window frame
    Toilet assembly
    Carriage walls
    Toilet seat cover
 Home Appliance
    Display cabinets refrigerator
    Ice-maker Machine components
 Building & Electronic-Appliances
    SMC meter boxes
    FRP Doors
 Solar panels
 FRP device type
    Injection Molding
    Press Molding
    Pultrusion mould
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After the 25E 

SMC moulded hood 

SMC moulded combined control room 

SMC moulded combined control room assembly 

SMC crane boards 

Loader engine shell 

Panel (within) 

panel (The) 

The door for LH 

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