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Enterprise Mission: Create value for customers, benefits for employees, and share the social responsibility

Service Conception: Meet your need, Exceed your expectation.

Quality Conception: Precise Counts, Quality Roots.

Talent Conception: People-oriented.
 Iceball mould
 FRP mould (energy-saving)
 Aeronautics & Astronautics
    Body panels for cars
    Lighting Systems
    Interior parts
    Exterior parts
 Railway traffic
    Train window frame
    Toilet assembly
    Carriage walls
    Toilet seat cover
 Home Appliance
    Display cabinets refrigerator
    Ice-maker Machine components
 Building & Electronic-Appliances
    SMC meter boxes
    FRP Doors
 Solar panels
 FRP device type
    Injection Molding
    Press Molding
    Pultrusion mould